House, Disco House Dolls Combers | Whiskey Dicks | Ronika vs. Mylo Compilation 26-12-2012

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House, Disco House Compilation 26-12-2012

Dolls Combers – My Brotha Makes It Funky (Original Mix)

Ivan Perea & The Henchmen ft Krista Richards – Bring Love To Life (Zoltan Contez Club Mix)

Whiskey Dicks – Right Here (Audio Jacker Remix)

Whiskey Dicks – Just The Tip (Original Mix)

Ronika vs. Mylo – Dance (The Modern Way)

Le Tropical – Livin’ It Up (Original Mix)

Chris Ride – Shake It (Original Mix)

Babysitter, Nemax Jackmill – Rooster Hill Policeman (Original Mix)

George F – Get Down (Original Club Mix)

B-Sensual & No!end – Where’s The Love (Club Mix)